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Developed by ETI BioInformatics

The Marine Species Identification Portal accomodates many keys, either in the form of dichotomous or multiple-entry 'matrix' keys. All keys are listed below, subdivided into five main geographic regions. We have also included links to several external keys on the web, which are flagged as such.

Copepods: key
Euphausiids: key, matrix
Lobsters: key
Mammals: key
Molluscs (pelagic): key 1, key 2, matrix
Planarians: matrix
Sea urchins: key [external link]
Sharks: key
Turbellaria: key
North-East Atlantic and Mediterranean
Fishes: key
Sponges: key, matrix

North Sea
Anthozoa: key
Brachiopoda: key 1, key 2
Chaetognatha: key
Cnidariana: key
Crustacea: key (benthic), key (planktonic)
Ctenophora: key
Echinoderms: key
Leptolida: matrix
Molluscs: key (benthic), key (planktonic)
Nemertina: key
Ostracods: key
Platyhelminthes: key
Polychaeta: key 1, key 2
Sea spiders: key
Sipunculida: key 1, key 2
Tunicates: key 1, key 2
Worms (other than above): key

South Atlantic (all planktonic)
Acantharia: key
Cephalopoda (young stages): key
Chaetognatha: key
Cnidaria: key
Crustaceans: key
Foraminifera: matrix
Nemertina: key
Polychaetes: key
Radiolaria Phaeodaria: key
Siphonophorae: matrix
Tintinnoinea: key
Anemones: key
Crustaceans: key
Echinoderms: key
Fishes: key
Molluscs: key
Polychaetes: key
Soft corals: key
Sponges: key
Stony corals: key
Zoanthids: key
Corals: key

Crabs: key

North Australia
Sea cucumbers: key