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Caribbean spiny lobster
Palinurus argus
(Latreille, 1804)

Can grow to a length of 60 cm, and may weigh up to 15 kilos. As a result of overfishing, these large specimens are seldom found.
The color of the carapace is brownish blue to purplish mahogany, with some lighter areas. On the tail are several lighter bands and spots.
Very long, thick antennae.
Size: up to 60 cm, mostly to 30 cm.

Inhabits shallow waters, occasionally down to 90 m depth, perhaps even deeper. Found among rocks, on reefs, in eelgrass beds or in any habitat that provides protection.
The species is gregarious and migratory.
Depth: ranges from 2 m down to 40 m.

All throughout the Caribbean.

Females move to deeper water for spawning.
There are mass migrations in the autumn when the animals, in single files of up to 50 individuals, move in a certain direction in daytime, each animal having body contact with the next through the antennae.

Caribbean spiny lobster (Palinurus argus)