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Centropyge argi
Woods & Kanazawa, 1951

Body flattened, oval in outline, dark blue, except for the head and chest that are orange. A narrow blue ring around the eye (C. argi) and a small dark blue smudge just behind the corner of the mouth. The pectoral fins are pale yellowish; the other fins are deep blue with a lighter, iridescent border.
Size up to 8 cm.

Inhabit deep reefs and occasional walls, usually between 25 and 100 m, except in the southern Caribbean where they occur on shallow reef tops. Swim in pairs or small groups. Retreats into holes when frightened.

Common Florida, occasional to rare Bahamas and Caribbean.

In the related Flameback angelfish (Centropyge aurantonotus), the yellow to orange color of the face continue onto the back and dorsal fin.

Cherubfish (Centropyge argi)