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Black margate
Anisotremus surinamensis
(Bloch, 1791)

Fish with a basic, 'fish-like' shape, with a sloping head with a relatively large mouth, a high back profile, a tapering body and a notched tail. Body silvery gray; front half of the body darker than the rear half. Scales on back have a dark center. Fins dusky, ventral and anal fins darkest. Young with two black stripes and a black spot near the tail.
Size up to 76 cm.

Inhabit larger patch reefs and quickly sloping bottoms, down to 20 m. Often near the shelter of caves, ledges and wrecks. Drifts alone or in small groups. Feeds at night on crustaceans, mollusks, smaller fish and the long-spined urchin (Diadema antillarum).

Occasional Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Black margate (Anisotremus surinamensis)