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Tiger tail sea cucumber
Holothuria thomasi
(Pearson, 1914)

The largest sea cucumber in the area. Part of its body is always under the reefs, so that only the front end can be seen. On this part, around the mouth area, short tentacles. Color is mottled brown and white, may be ringed in light colors, giving it its name.
Size: up to 2 m.

Lives on the coral reefs hidden in recesses and stretches its oral end out of its hiding place to sweep the reefs for food.
Depth: ranges from 3 m down to 30 m.

Occasional all over the Caribbean.

The genus Holothuria contains many subgenera and species. It is impossible to tell to which species exactly your specimen belongs without using microscopical materials and specialist's literature.

Tiger tail sea cucumber (Holothuria thomasi)