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Banded-arm brittle star
Ophioderma appressum
(Say, 1825)

Long slender arms with a distinct central disc. The arms are covered with scales rather than spines. The color of the disc is variable, ranging from gray or brown to white, often with spots, but may be uniform. The color of the arms is gray with light bands.
Size: up to 20 cm from arm tip to arm tip.

The species lives under rocks, old coral heads and in recesses. It can be found on reefs and reef flats.
Depth: ranges from 3 m down to 20 m.

Common all over the Caribbean.

The genera to which the brittle stars belong have many species, of which the most common are mentioned in this program. To determine to which species exactly belongs your specimen, an expert is needed.

Banded-arm brittle star (Ophioderma appressum)