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Convoluted orange sponge
Myrmekioderma gyroderma
(De Laubenfels, 1953)

Massive-amorphous to lobate. Oscules usually on top of the lobes. The surface is convoluted, with ridges and valleys, forming a maze-like pattern. Grooves up to 1 cm wide. Firm in consistency; exudates mucous.

Yellow to orange.

Common in deep areas of coral reefs (20-80 m) in protected locations with little water movement, in sand-rubble substrate and in coral crevices. The surface is often covered with sediment and algae (M. gyroderma-close up).

Widespread in the Caribbean.

Another sponge, Didiscus oxeatus , looks identical; positive identification requires microscopic examination of the spicules. Didiscus oxeatus has discorabds in the skeleton.

Convoluted orange sponge (Myrmekioderma gyroderma)