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Niphates recondita
Wiedenmayer, 1977

The sponge consists of erect branches arising from a broad peduncle. The height is 10-15 cm. The branches tend to be compressed in a plane and to coalesce laterally or terminally, resembling flabellar, deeply incised lamellae. Some of the secondary branches may be terete or clavate. The surface is smooth, finely pilose or hispid. The oscules are conspicuous, numerous, irregularly distributed and mostly flush; they may have slightly raised rims and are 2-5 mm in diameter.

From dark purplish-brown to bright purple.

In reef environments, on dead corals and other hard substrata. Known depth range from 6 to 52 meters. In Curacao reefs, the species shows a marked increase in abundance with increasing depth in sheltered localities.

Known from the Bahamas and Curacao.

Niphates recondita