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Zea's sponge
Pseudaxinella reticulata
(Ridley & Dendy, 1886)

Massive-amorphous, lobate, flabellate globular or mound shaped. Surface with short conules or tubercles (0.5 mm high), evenly distributed, 0.5-2 mm apart; or tall conules or tubercles (1-2 mm high), either connected or aligned as meandering ridges, irregularly distributed, 1-3 mm apart, generally in mound-shaped specimens. Oscules conspicuous (P. reticulata-close up), circular, with a contractile diaphragm, either flush or slightly elevated. Some specimens associated with zoanthids; some specimens feel slimy.

Orange to bright red.

Occurs in rock patches, on mangrove roots and on coral reefs at depths between 0.5 and 70 meters.

Widely distributed in the Caribbean, from Florida to Venezuela.

Zea's sponge (Pseudaxinella reticulata)