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Verongula rigida
(Esper, 1794)

Massive lobate with numerous pits and ridges over the surface. The lobes or tubes, bear a conspicuous apical oscule in a depression with perforated diaphragms. Specimens may be up to 20 cm in diameter and 15 cm high. Individual tubes are up to 8 cm in height and 4 cm in diameter; oscules up to 2 cm in diameter. The surface bears meandering grooves of up to 15 mm in width and up to 20 mm in depth. Lamellar ridges are smooth or conulose, mostly less than 1 mm in width, occasionally up to 3 mm. The consistency is cheese-like and slightly compressible.

Yellow, yellowish-green, green, brown to tan.

This species inhabits reefs and lagoons.

Florida, Bahamas, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Verongula rigida