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M. De Kluijver
G. Gijswijt
R. de Leon
I. da Cunda

Design & layout
G. Gijswijt
P. Klinkenberg

G. Gijswijt
J. van Hertum
E. van Spronsen

We could not have created the Interactive Guide to Caribbean Diving without the help of the following people and institutions.

First, we like to give an account of the people who contributed photo or film material apart from the authors.

Ruud Verrijk
Wouter Geurtsen
Rudy van Geldere
Wallie de Weerd
Rob van Soest

Furthermore, we would like to thank:
Toucan Diving, for making available video material and facilities on Bonaire.
John Oster from Fly and Dive on Aruba.
The Caribbean Marine Institute (CARMABI) on Curaçao, for organizing our stay on the island, and for the friendly company.
The Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA), especially the departments of Malacology, Coelenterates and Porifera, Vermes and Marine Plankton, and Crustacea, for making it possible to photograph specimens from the collections to complete the sections on these groups.