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Developed by ETI BioInformatics

Welcome to the Interactive Guide to Caribbean Diving! This guide aims to give you an impression of the underwater life you will encounter in the Caribbean area. We also provide information about diving sites on the islands of Curaçao and Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles.

The biological section includes 400 species. We provide an identification key to these species, so that you can find out which ones you have seen during your dives. In addition, a list of interesting reading material and a glossary with the most important scientifc terms is included so that you won't get stuck if you're not familiar with a particular term.

For Curaçao and Bonaire, we've included information on some dive sites. The information on the dive sites is not complete. On Bonaire, and especially on Klein Bonaire, a lot of dive sites are named, but the underwater life will be similar on sites nearby. Therefore we have focused on sites that can be reached from the road and that are not too close to each other. They are example sites. In addition, we have included information on the general way the reef is laid out. We also provide information on several wrecks per island.

We plan to release future updates to this program with information on more species than are currently covered by the Interactive Guide to Caribbean Diving. We therefore ask the diving community to contribute pictures or videos, and information on where these were made. If you have additional information on wrecks or dive sites, we would also appreciate this info for use in future updates. Contributors will always receive a free copy of the update.