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Split-crown feather duster
Anamobaea orstedii

This feather duster has two semi-circular crowns of radioles forming a single crown, split in the middle. The color and patterning on the crown is variable, usually shades of brown, maroon, violet or orange-brown. Both halves are a mirror image of each other. Often with light tan or white spots and bands. The parchment-like tube where the worm-like part of the animal resides is usually hidden.
Size: whole animal up to 6 cm, crown up to 5 cm.

This feather duster lives on the reefs and surrounding areas. It is usually solitary or in small groups, where the animals are all different in color or patterns.
Depth: ranges from 6 m down to 25 m.

Common all over the Caribbean.

Split-crown feather duster (Anamobaea orstedii)