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Orange-claw hermit
Calcinus tibicen
(Herbst, 1791)

The antennae and eyestalks are orange, the rest of the body and claws red, orange, maroon or even a dark reddish-brown. The tips of the legs and claws are white or yellow. One claw larger than the other.
Size: up to 3 cm.

Found on coral reefs and in rocky places.
It is active during the day. Spends almost all of its time on the rocks.
Depth: ranges from intertidal pools down to 30 m.

Occasional all over the Caribbean.

According to a French survey of Brazilian specimens, this hermit appears to be most interested in shells of (Stramonita haemastoma, Leucozonia nassa, Pisania auritula)

Orange-claw hermit (Calcinus tibicen)