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Rose lace-coral
Stylaster roseus
(Pallas, 1766)

Colonies fan-like, with branches in one plane; up to 10 cm in height. The cylindrical branches taper from the base to the tips. The surface of the outer branches is covered with rows of tiny cups, formed by feeding and encircling stinging polyps. Occasional cups are also visible on the branches' thick base. Polyps have a hair-like appearance when extended.

Purple to burgundy or lavender near the base, fading to pink and white toward the tips of the branches. Occasionally all white.

Inhabit protected, shaded areas of reefs, often in caves or crevices, from 6 to 30 m depths.

Common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Not considered toxic, although may sting sensitive bare skin.

Rose lace-coral (Stylaster roseus)