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Beaded crinoid
Davidaster discoidea

This feather star has twenty arms. The color of the arms is usually light yellowish to red. The side arms usually grayish, and appear to be beaded.
Size: the arms can reach up to 20 cm.

It lives on the reefs. The animal hides in recesses or sponges, only exposing the arms.
Depth: ranges from 15 m down to 40 m.

Occasional to rare all over the Caribbean.

Crinoids are becoming rarer in the region. It is important that crinoids, when encountered, should be left alone, and not be touched. These animals can live for years on the same location, and have limited ways of migrating. They are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature or light. Do not move them to a, for a photographer, better location.

Beaded crinoid (Davidaster discoidea)