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Stove-pipe sponge
Aplysina archeri
(Higgin, 1875)

This species forms large tubes, up to 150 cm long and a diameter of 10 cm near the end (A. archeri-tube). Sometimes they grow single, but more often in large groups of up to 22 tubes, which normally are in contact with each other only at their base. The surface is though and shows much relief (A. archeri-surface) and sometimes an obscured pattern of rounded disc-shaped elevations of 3-9 mm. The shallow depressions between the elevations contain rows of pores. The surface is generally finely conulose and does not show the deep and meandering grooves of Aplysina lacunosa .

Conspicuous pink or purplish gray. The tubes' interiors often cream colored, but always lighter than the exterior color.

From the drop-off to deeper water.

Rare in the Bahamas, more common in the south, to Venezuela.

Stove-pipe sponge (Aplysina archeri)