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Peacock flounder
Bothus lunatus
(Linnaeus, 1758)

Body flattened in such a way that the flounder lie on its side, not on its stomach, with its right side under. Left side in shades of brown to tan with blue ring markings over the entire body. The background color can change dramatically to match the bottom. Fins and head with blue spots (B. lunatus). Dorsal and anal fins almost ring the rounded body. Pectoral fin unusually long, often erect. The eyes protrude noticeably, appearing to be raised on short, thick stalks (B. lunatus head).
Size: 10 - 15 cm.

Inhabit sand, coral rubble and seagrass areas, down to 12 meters. Enhanced its camouflage by partly burying in sand or mud. Swim over the bottom with a slight wave-like motion.

Common Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean, south to Brazil.

The similar Eyed flounder (Bothus ocellatus) has brownish ring markings.

Peacock flounder (Bothus lunatus)