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Fragile saucer coral
Agaricia fragilis
Dana, 1846

Colonies form small plates or thin saucer-like bowls, of 10-15 cm in diameter. Low rounded ridges and long continuous valleys form an uneven pattern of concentric circles radiating from the center of the colony. Polyps are only present in the valleys on the upper surface, the underside is nearly smooth. Towards increasing depth, the ridges become lower and less conspicuous.

Shades of purplish brown, chocolate, yellow-brown, tan and greenish tan.

Corallite diameter 1.9-2.5 mm, with 17-36 septa per corallite. Columella present, trabecular and discontinuous.

Inhabit sloping reef faces, under ledge overhangs and along walls, till depths of 60 meters.

Occasional Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean and Brazil.

Fragile saucer coral (Agaricia fragilis)