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Convoluted barrel sponge
Aplysina lacunosa
(Pallas, 1766)

Single or clustered, thick-walled tapering tubes of up to 35 cm high, 10 cm in diameter, with an apical vent of up to 3.5 cm with an iris type diaphragm (A. lacunosa-close up). The tubes are tapering more strongly towards the base than Aplysina archeri ; often the base is barely 1 cm in diameter. Tube walls deeply intended by irregular meandering grooves or disc-shaped depressions of up to 10 mm deep and wide (A. lacunosa-pitted). Consistency tough and hardly compressible; although there seem to be a hard and a soft form.

Ridges dark green to yellowish-green, valleys and pits yellow-green to yellow. Interior walls have yellow excurrent pores.

This species is known from reef and lagoon localities and from sandy flats between the reefs. Often have sediment, algae and various organisms on the surface.

Bahamas, Jamaica and Caribbean.

Convoluted barrel sponge (Aplysina lacunosa)