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This program is an electronic version of a recent revision by the author (Markhaseva, 1996) on the calanoid family Aetideidae, and forms a sequel to the book "Oar-footed crustaceans (Copepoda, Calanoida) of the USSR seas and adjacent waters" (Brodsky et al., 1983). Latter publication includes a "General part" (Brodsky, 1983: 9-138) with data on morphology, classification, geographical distribution and biology of some species of the Calanoida, and a "Systematic part" (Brodsky et al., 1983: 139-356) with descriptions of, and identification keys to, calanoid copepods of the families Calanidae up to and including Spinocalanidae.

This program contains an identification section and databases for the 25 genera and 165 species which are included in this revision. At the moment of publication (printed version: Markhaseva, 1996) about 180 species of Aetideidae were described, with most of the omitted species too poorly described to be included in this revision and material not examined by the author.

Note: The Genus Senecella as mostly fresh-water genus is not included into the key. The small key to the two species of Senecella can be found into the Higher Taxa module under Genus Senecella.