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de Man, 1888

Infraorbital ridge with more than 40 lobules or teeth. Palm of male cheliped longer than high; dactylus with submedian large conical tooth on cutting edge. Carapace with 3-4 lateral teeth, the anterior larger than exorbital angle. Merus of pereiopods 2-5 with 8-9 spines along upper border; merus of fourth pereiopod 3.5 times as long as broad. (Davie 1997)

Type locality: Mergui Archipelago.
Range: India - Godavari Delta (Alcock, 1900b); Mergui Archipelago (de Man, 1888a, Alcock, 1900b); Malay Peninsula - Pinang and Malacca (de Man, 1895a); Sumatra - Banda Aceh (de Man, 1895a); China - Tsimei, Fujian (Shen, 1940b), Hong Kong (Shen, 1940, Davie, 1992); Taiwan; Singapore; Malaysia - Port Swettenham, Selangor (Tweedie, 1936), Labuan (Tweedie, 1950d); Indonesia - Makassar (de Man, 1892b), Pontianak (de Man, 1895a), Samarinda.

Orange signaller crab (Metaplax elegans)