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Miyake & Takeda, 1969

Carapace with well delimited regions, remarkably spinose, gastric region with three spines, two cardiac spines, two long branchial spines on each side near lateral margin, supraorbital eave smooth or with a number of inconspicuous spinules; rostrum with two spine-tipped spines separated by a deep median sinus. Basal antennal segment with a spine near to its distal end. Chelipeds slender; both borders of palm with some spines, fingers irregularly toothed and meet throughout their whole lengths. Dactyli if two posterior pairs of ambulatory legs strongly falcated and about one third of lengths of propodi. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Mukoshima, Ogasawara-shoto, Japan, 200 m.
Range: Japan - Ogasawara-shoto (Miyake & Takeda, 1969); 200 m.

Achaeus boninensis