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Sakai, 1932

Carapace pyriform, surface smooth, gastric, branchial, and cardiac spines distinct; external orbital spine long and pointed, slightly overreaching eyestalk, lateral border behind it with a bifid hepatic lobe, branchial margins with several spinules; rostral spines short, not extending beyond end of antennal peduncle, incurved distally, lateral margins with spinules; supraorbital spine about as long as postorbital. Chelipeds with inner borders of merus and carpus spinulated, fingers incurved against pam. Meri of ambulatory legs lacking a distal spine. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Misaki, Sagami Bay, Japan.
Range: Japan - Misaki (Sakai, 1932, 1935), Misaki and Izu Niizima (Sakai, 1976a); Indonesia - Kepulauan Kai (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); 150-385 m.

Achaeopsis rostrata