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About this program

The information on this CD-ROM is based on “Crabs of Japan and the Adjacent Seas” by Dr. Tsune Sakai (1976). As a fitting tribute to his numerous and invaluable contributions, the section on 'true crabs' (Brachyura) is now extensively revised and extended by the distinguished carcinologists: Dr. Danièle Guinot, Museum national d’Histoire naturelle, Paris; Dr. Peter Davie, Queensland Museum, Brisbane, and Dr. Michael Türkay, Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

Some 1250 species and subspecies of brachyuran crabs from Japan and adjacent seas are recognized and information on genera, families, etc. is also provided. Classification follows Guinot (1977-1998), but see Suborder Pleocyemata for an alternative classification following Martin & Davis, 2001.

Taxon descriptions include a systematic diagnosis, the biogeographic distribution is listed and mapped, and references, photo's and (colour) drawings are provided. Illustrations mainly consist of original drawings by De Haan from von Siebold's 'Fauna Japonica', original drawings by T. Sakai from his long list of publications, and from contributions by various authors to 'Résultats des Campagnes MUSORSTOM' (editor A. Crosnier).

A dichotomous text key is provided to the (sub)families. All text is hyperlinked to a glossary of terms and the references to a module containing a wealth of publications on Indo-Pacific crabs. All taxa and their synonyms are listed in the Index which also includes a section with English vernacular names.

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