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Stimpson, 1858

Carapace covered with a short, thick fur, with 3 pairs of gastric ridges, epibranchial ridge interrupted by cervical groove but not medially, cardiac and mesobranchial ridges merely smooth areas among the hairs; front with 6 lobes, median pair with truncate anterior margins; 5 antero-lateral teeth, fourth and fifth slightly smaller than remaining. Basal antennal joint with an acute ridge, bearing about 11 distal and spaced and 4-6 closely spaced proximal beaded granules. Upper surface of cheliped palm 2 spines on outer 2 spines on inner side; inner face with a median rounded carina above which is an irregular granular row. Posterior border of propodus of swimming leg with 10-12 smallish spines. Male first pleopod smoothly curved, regularly tapering with blunt oblique tip; about 11 bristles merging to a clump distally. (Türkay 1995)

Front 6-lobed, median and submedian frontal lobes rounded and clearly separated by notches, lateral and submedian frontal lobes distinguishable, median frontal lobes not projecting beyond lateral frontal lobes; first antero-lateral tooth entire; fourth antero-lateral tooth small or absent; basal antennal joint long, with granules, serrations or low teeth; carapace ridges may or may not be present posterior to epibranchial ridges; propodus of fifth leg with about 12 spines; inner surface of hand of cheliped with a line of granules. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Hong Kong.
Range: Red Sea; Zanzibar (Lenz, 1905); India; Chagos Archipelago - Egmont Island (Rathbun, 1911); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1899a); Mergui Archipelago (Alcock, 1899a); Malaysia - Pinang (Lanchester, 1902); Malacca Strait - Pisang Island (Shen, 1937); West Sumatra - Airbangis (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Japan - Gobo and Okinawa (Sakai, 1939), Amami-Oshima, Okinawa-jima, Zamami-jima, Kume-jima, Ishigaki-jima, and Iriomote-jima (Minei, 1971), Kii Peninsula, Yoron-jima, and Ishigaki-jima (Sakai, 1976a); Taiwan - T'ai-pei, Ping-tung, P'eng-hu, and I-lan Provinces (Huang & Yu, 1997); Hong Kong (Stimpson, 1858a, 1907); China - China Sea (Crosnier, 1962), Paracel Islands (Yang et al., 1979), Guangxi, Paracel Islands, and Hainan Island (Dai & Yang, 1991); Singapore (Shen, 1937, Stephenson, 1972a); Philippines - Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Zamboanga and Tubajon Bay (Stephenson, 1972a); Sulu Archipelago - Sibutu (Stephenson, 1975); Palau (Takeda & Shimazaki, 1974); Indonesia - Edam Island, Noordwachter Island and Ambon (de Man, 1888d), Ambon (Stephenson, 1972a), Makassar Strait, Mamuju, Maratua, Paleleh, Kafal, Kepulauan Aru, Kepulauan Tanimbar, Timor, Kera, Sumbawa, Spermonde Archipelago near Makassar, Batuata, Kepulauan Sula, Ternate, Haruku, Kau Bay, Morotai, Kepulauan Talaud, Flores, Tukangbesi and Lembeh Strait (Stephenson, 1975), Ternate (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Papua New Guinea - Mussau Island and Port Moresby (Stephenson, 1972a); Australia - Darwin, Port Essington, Sir Edward Pellew Group and Groote Eylandt (Stephenson & Hudson, 1957), from Broome, W.A., round the north to Trial Bay, Yamba, N.S.W.; New Caledonia (Stephenson, 1972a); Fiji (Dana, 1852, Stephenson, 1972a, Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Hawaii (Muraoka, 1998).

Thalamita danae