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Boeck, 1864

Female with numerous strong spines of which one or two pairs are specially large. In the adult male these spines are reduced to two pairs of blunt tubercles, the lower one on either side at the front of a lateral carina, from which an oblique carina extends forwards to the front lower edge of the carapace. The eye is small.
Telson long, with two end spines, postanal part narrowed, with 8-10 pairs of lateral spines. The telson is a little shorter than the peduncle of the uropods, with its distal part about as long as the proximal.

Up to 14 mm.

Deeper shelf and slope.

Depth range:
Down to 2700 metres.

Distribution in the North Sea:
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak

World distribution:
It occurs from N Norway to the Mediterranean, NE England and off Shetland.

It has in some places been confused with the very similar species Diastylis boecki Zimmer, 1930.

Diastylis cornuta