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Sars, 1892

Mandibular molar very small, rounded, setulose. Coxal plate 1 small and acutely prolonged anteriorly; plate 2 elongate with distal margin weakly toothed. Epimeral plate 3 distal angle with distinct tooth. Head with large curved rostrum reaching almost to end of peduncle article 1 of antenna 1, lateral lobes angular; eyes large, rounded. Antenna 1 peduncle article 2 with small distal tooth, flagellum short, about 7-articulate with few long setae. Antenna 2 slightly longer than 1, peduncle article 5 much shorter than 4, flagellum small, about 7-articulate. Gnathopod 1 carpus with small setose distal lobe, propodus elongate, palm weakly convex and distinctly toothed along entire length, proximal posterior margin concave, dactylus with large nodiform process close to base. Gnathopod 2 much larger than 1, merus with small apical spine, carpal lobe elongate, propodus large with palm distinctly toothed along entire margin, dactylus with very large nodiform process close to base. Pereiopods 5 to 7, basis very broad, posterior margin finely serrate. Uropod 3 reaching little beyond 1, rami much shorter than peduncle. Telson very elongate, apex minutely tridentate.

Up to 6 mm.

Yellowish speckled with red and brown; coxal plates, pereiopods and urosome tinged with crimson.

Depth range from 10 to 300 metres.

Bohuslän, West Norway; North Sea.

Amphilochoides boecki