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(Sars, 1865)

Mandibles truncate at the base, with a small conical projection at the base of the molat process. Rami of the uropods usually nearly equal in length and proximal segment of the endopod longer than the other two segments combined. Male pleopods reduced, with rami one-segmented, the second pair with only one ramus.
Pseudorostrum well produced, slightly upturned, especially in female. Carapace with two pairs of lateral oblique carinae and hind margins also carinate. Telson not much shorter than peduncle of uropods, with three to six pairs of lateral spines. Peduncles of uropods in female not much longer than the endopod, which is somewhat longer than the exopod.

Up to 8 mm.

Shelf to abyss.

Depth range:
Down to about 60-3000 metres.

Distribution in the North Sea:
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution:
A Boreal species. NW Europe and Mediterranean.

Diastyloides biplicata