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(Sars, 1865)

Pseudorostrum fairly well produced, acute, with tip slightly depressed in female. Carapace smooth, with a horizontal slight ridge in its lower half in the male, covered with minute denticles on the branchial regions in the female. Eyelobe very small. Pereionite 5 with postero-lateral corners not much produced in the female, acute in the male.
Telson much shorter than peduncles of uropods, with five pairs of lateral spines on the distal half in the female, longer and narrower with an angular projection in the male. Peduncle of uropod longer than the rami which are subequal.

Up to 7 mm.

Shelf and slope.

Depth range:
Down to about 5 to 1100 metres.

Distribution in the North Sea:
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution:
A Mediterranean-Boreal species, recorded from Norway to the Mediterranean.

Diastyloides serrata