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Sars, 1904

Generally resembling small specimens of Apherusa bispinosa . Pleosome segments 1 and 2 posterior margin with the dorsal tooth only weakly developed. Epimeral plate 3 posterior margin only weakly crenulate, distal angle with a minute tooth. Head with small rostrum, lateral lobes only slightly produced, convex; eyes large and rounded. Antenna 1 and 2 slender; antenna 1 more than half body length, flagellum very slender, up to about 20-articulate. Antenna 2 much longer than 1, flagellum very slender and up to about 30-articulate. Gnathopods moderately robust; gnathopod 1 propodus much longer than carpus, palm oblique and poorly delimited. Gnathopod 2 generally similar to 1 except carpus rather shorter. Pereiopods elongate and only sparsely spinulose; pereiopod 7 especially elongate, basis oval with posterior margin smooth or feebly crenulate. Uropod 3 rami spinose, confronted margins finely serrate. Telson elongate subtriangular, apex acute.

Up to only about 3 mm.



English Channel, North Sea, Skagerrak; Kattegat.

Apherusa clevei