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Boeck, 1861

Body slender and laterally flattened; pleon segments 1 and 2 with an acute dorsal tooth. Coxal plate 1 prolonged anteriorly, margin broadly rounded; plates 1 to 3 posterodistal angle with 1 to 3 small teeth. Epimeral plate 3 posterior margin convex and coarsely serrate. Head with lateral lobes truncated; eyes very large, kidney-shaped. Antenna 1 longer than 2, peduncle articles 1 and 2 about equal, each with distal margin toothed, flagellum twice length of peduncle, up to about 50-articulate, calceoli present; accessory flagellum small and slender, equal to length of peduncle article 3. Antenna 2 peduncle article 5 slightly longer than 4, combined length about equal to length of flagellum, calceoli present. Gnathopod 1 and 2 robust, similar, carpus slender with narrow posterior lobe, propodus short and broad, freely articulated with apex of carpus, palm convex, transverse, dactylus long and slender. Pereiopods 3 and 4 long and very slender; pereiopods 5 to 7 very long, basis oval with posterior margin serrate. Uropod 3 rami sparsely spinose and setose. Telson narrowly triangular, cleft to about one-third length.

Up to 13 mm.

Yellowish, speckled with red.

From 5 to 200 metres.

North East Atlantic; European coasts from northern Norway to Mediterranean.

Eusirus longipes