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(Johnston, 1828)

Urosome segments 1 and 2 with a pair of dorsal spinules. Epimeral plate 3 distal angle with a small tooth. Head with broad lateral lobes, narrowly rounded apically; eyes large, kidney-shaped. Antennae fringed with long ventromarginal setae; antenna 1 more than half body length, peduncle articles 1 and 3 about equal length, article 2 little longer, article 1 distoventral angle with slender spine, flagellum up to about 17-articulate; accessory flagellum elongate, about 6-articulate. Antenna 2 equal to length of I, article 3 distoventral angle with slender spine, peduncle articles 4 and 5 about equal, flagellum about 15-articulate. Gnathopod 1 carpus and propodus about equal length, densely setose, propodus broader than carpus, suboval, palm oblique, convex, minutely toothed. Female gnathopod 2 larger than 1, carpus short, triangular, setose, propodus robust, elongate-oval, setose, palm strongly oblique, margin with 2 small dentate processes. Male gnathopod 2 extremely large and robust, carpus and propodus about equal length, broad and densely setose, palm oblique, concave, margin with 2 dentate processes; in large male propodus may be especially broad, robust and setose, and palm deeply concave with 2 marginal teeth and angular proximal process. Pereiopods robust, basis broad. propodus spinose and setose. Uropods 1 to 3 spinose; uropod 1 peduncle distoventral angle with large curved spine; uropods 1 and 2 inner ramus little longer than outer; uropod 3 rami about equal. Telson rounded, apex angular.

Up to 10 mm.

Pale yellow, with darker bands.

From the lower intertidal to about 250 metres.

North Atlantic, American and European coasts; widespread; European coasts from west Norway to Mediterranean; North Africa to Senegal.

Gammaropsis maculata