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Nouvel, 1951

? Generic features. General form slender and transparent, somewhat laterally compressed. Eyes small. Carapace strongly emarginate in the posterior median line, carpal and propodal segments of the endopod of the third to the eighth thoracic limbs fused and the fused segment divided into many small subsegments. Outer margin of exopod with strong spines; inner margin of endopod with ca. eight spines. Telson long with quadrangular, with apical cleft armed with spines. Male pleopods biramous, natatory, exopod of third pair very large. Pleural plates of first abdominal somite of female very enlarged, forming part of the marsupium (brood pouch).
? Species description not available.


Distribution in the North Sea:
Possibly in the SW North Sea, entering from the eastern Channel.

World distribution:
E Atlantic <26-55°N; Mediterranean; coastal to upper slope.

Gastrosaccus lobatus