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Sars, 1882

Body length of female up to 2.3 mm. Cephalothorax short and obtusely truncated anteriorly. Ocular lobes and eyes absent.
Pereiopods 4-6 more strongly built than pereiopods 1-3.
Pleon of female approximately same length as pereionite 5. Pleon of male normal with five pleonites. Pleopods absent in female, normally developed in male. Marsupium formed from four pairs of oostegites.
Uropods imperfectly biramous with exopodite not distinct from basis. Endopodite of uropods well defined, two-articled.

This species has been recorded in the northern North Sea and off the west coasts of Norway and the west coast of France, with a vertical distribution from 90-270 m.

Anarthrura simplex