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(Lilljeborg, 1864)

Body length of female 1.3 mm, of male 1 mm. Body short and thick in comparison with many other species of genus Leptognathia. Male similar in appearance to the male of Leptognathia gracilis but broader.
Pleon of normal length in female, exceptionally long in male, each pleonite with a conspicuous ventral process. Female pleotelson terminally rounded, that of male pointed (L. breviremis-detail).
Uropods short, endopodite two-articled in female, three-articled in male.

L. breviremis has been found in muddy sand with gravel and shell. Its depth range is from 24-3366 m.

Records also exist from the east and west coasts of Scotland, Northumberland, the Isle of Man and Plymouth. It has a wide geographical distribution being found on the Swedish and Norwegian coasts, the Davis Straits (Greenland), Jan Mayen, and Iceland south to Ireland.

Leptognathia breviremis