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(Baird, 1850a)

Carapace large, 0.65-0.75 mm long, robust, smooth or with large fossae. Post-ocular and dorsomedian sulci distinct, posteroventral protuberances marked. Posterior marginal area somewhat compressed, truncate in dorsal view. Colour white, buff or brown in living specimens. Anteroventral corner of distal process of male copulatory appendage produced, pointed and slightly upturned, posteroventral corner pointed, ventral margin sinuous; free end of ejaculatory duct prominent, proximal finger-like process relatively long (L. pellucida 10 ).

An exclusively sublittoral species (to 50 metres depth).

Commonly found in the waters around the British Isles, the North Sea, Atlantic Coast of France, southern Norway and the western Baltic.

Leptocythere pellucida