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Body usually smooth, often weakly dorso-ventrally flattened; coxal plates short to only moderate length, margins smooth or setose; plate 4 posterior margin not excavate, plate 5 often with elongate anterior lobe. Antenna 1 slender and longer than 2; accessory flagellum usually present. Lower lip with inner lobes; mouthparts basic. Gnathopods subchelate; gnathopod 1 larger than 2 and exhibiting pronounced sexual dimorphism, often large and complexly subchelate in male. Pereiopods 5 to 7 slender, pereiopod 7 usually much longer than 5 and 6. Uropods 1 and 2 biramous, slender; uropod 3 biramous or uniramous, quite short and rarely projecting beyond 1 and 2; uropods 1 and 2 peduncle often with spine-like distal process. Telson simple, short, fleshy, entire. Sexual dimorphism pronounced, especially of antennae and gnathopods.

Source: Lincoln, 1979.

Family Aoridae