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Boeck, 1871

Coxal plate 1 produced slightly forwards, apex obtusely rounded; plates 2 to 4 with the distal margin very weakly toothed. Epimeral plate 3 prolonged, distal angle rounded. Head with long curved rostrum, lateral lobes narrowly rounded; eyes small, rounded. Antenna 1 peduncle articles decreasing in length from 1 to 3, flagellum about 6-articulate. Antenna 2 equal to length of 1, peduncle article 4 slightly longer than 5, flagellum very small, about 5-articulate. Gnathopod 1 carpus with short setose lobe, propodus narrow proximally, palm oblique, weakly convex, margin with minute slender teeth in small groups, dactylus slender, finely setose. Gnathopod 2 longer and larger than 1, carpal lobe broad, setose, not reaching proximal palmar angle of propodus, palm almost straight. transverse, margin with minute slender paired teeth, each group with small setule, palm delimited by slender spine. Pereiopods 5 to 7 basis broadly oval with posterior margin weakly serrate. Uropod 3 reaching only little beyond 1, rami smooth and little shorter than peduncle. Telson extremely elongate, apex minutely 3-dentate, reaching well beyond end of peduncle of uropod 3.

Up to 4 mm.

Pale yellow with red patches.

A deep-water species; recorded from 100 to 600 metres, occasionally from greater depths.

North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean; Greenland, Iceland, north and west Norway, Skagerrak and the British Isles.

Amphilochus tenuimanus