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(Norman, 1863)

Carapace short, smooth, with dorsal outline almost straight. Pseudorostrum very short. Second and third pereionites long. Telson rather broad, flattened, about as long as the uropod peduncles, not sharply tapered, with eight spines on the rounded apex and usually two pairs of thin lateral spines. Eyes large, rounded with lenses.
Propodus of pereiopod 1 slender, much longer than carpus. Propodus of pereiopod 2 shorter than dactyl. Exopods of pereiopods 3 and 4 in the female small, two-segmented. Jn the male the ischium of pereiopod 3 carries two falciform spines. When alive the body is covered with crimson chromatophores.

Up to 7 mm.

Shelf to bathyal.

Depth range:
Down to about 5 to 365 metres.

Distribution in the North Sea:
Northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

World distribution:
A boreal species found from NE England and the Irish Sea to N Norway.

Hemilamprops rosea