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(Sars, 1882)

Body slender, pereon smooth; pleon segments 1-2 and occasionally pereon segment 7 each with pair of small processes on dorsal margin; these processes are quite variable, rounded or subacute, nodular or laminar, often indistinct viewed from the side, occasionally one or more absent especially in small specimens. Coxal plates 1-4 rounded, lateral surface with numerous short setules. Epimeral plate 3 quadrate, posterodistal angle minutely toothed. Head with small rostrum, lateral lobes rounded or with distal margin weakly sinuous; eyes large, reniform, red in colour. Antenna 1 almost as long as body, flagellum slender, multi-articulate; accessory flagellum vestigial. Antenna 2 half length of 1, peduncle article 5 little longer than 4, flagellum multi-articulate. Gnathopod 1 basis with anterior margin densely setose, carpus about equal to length of propodus, posterior margin with pectinate spines and long setae, propodus suboval, palm convex with double row of about 4 long spines, palmar margin minutely crenulate. Gnathopod 2 slightly larger than 1, basis setose along anterior margin, carpus shorter than propodus with posterior margin setose, propodus narrowly oval, palm with double row of about 6-7 long spines, palmar margin minutely crenulate. Pereopods 3-4 very long and slender, weakly spinose, basis with anterior margin setose. Pereopod 7 only moderately robust and spinose, basis broadly expanded with posterior margin finely serrate. Uropod 1 rami subequal, spinose. Uropod 2 outer ramus shorter than inner, spinose. Uropod 3 peduncle without spines, outer ramus about two-thirds length of inner ramus, both spinose. Telson elongate, subtriangular, distal margin rounded.

Up to 5 mm.

Whitish speckled with yellow-brown, peduncle of antenna 1 and uropods dark brown; or whitish with pereon and pereopods speckled dark red.

Depth range from 40 to 300 metres.

North Atlantic; south and west Norway to Atlantic coast of France. Not widely recorded.

Source: Lincoln, 1979.

Stenopleustes nodifer