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(M. Sars, 1858)

Body length up to 12 mm (excluding uropods). Rostrum well developed, deflexed, sides bulbous and upturned, apex produced into a prominent projection. Eyes absent.
Epistomal spine present.
Medio-ventral spine on each pereionite and pleonite. Antero-lateral margins of pereionites 2 to 6 each produced into a prominent triangular, pointed process. Pleonal epimera well developed. Pleotelson longer than pleon.
Chelipeds of male and female similar, those of male being more robust, both with tooth on inner margin of propodus.

It is found in diverse bottom conditions at depths from 18 m to 1300 m.

This species has been recorded from the northern North Sea. It occurs commonly in Norwegian fjords (54-270 m), and has also been recorded off Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, south-southwest Ireland and in the Bay of Biscay.

Apseudes spinosus