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Welcome to FNAM

Welcome to this new and up-dated version of the UNESCO three-volume publication "Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean" (FNAM) edited by P.J.P. Whitehead, M.-L. Bauchot, J.-C. Hureau, J. Nielsen and E. Tortonese, and published in 1984/1986.

In this digital FNAM, the complete synonymy and literature of the two earlier CLOFNAM (Checklist of Fishes of the North-eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean) books plus their supplements have been added to provide you with a single easy-to-use comprehensive information system. Specialists updated the species, genus or family information. The key to identify the taxa has been improved with illustrations allowing identification of the fishes from the very beginning, or "stepping into" the key at the family level. In the program the original CLOFNAM numbers have been retained, as much as possible. With the latest additions, not all species have been given CLOFNAM numbers.

The appropriate referenced plates from "Bloch, M. E., 1785-1795, Naturgeschichte der ausländischen Fische" have been added, as well as new colour photographs from the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden, The Netherlands and the Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.