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Author: Hubbs & Wisner, 1980

Nanichthys simulans Hubbs & Wisner, 1980

Diagnosis: body elongate. Caudal peduncle rather long, about twice longer than deep. Upper jaw moderately pointed, fragile, about half length of lower jaw. Dorsal finrays 14-16 (including 5-6 finlets); anal finrays 17-20 (including 6-7 finlets); pectoral finrays 10-11; procurrent caudal finrays 3-5. Gillrakers 19-26 on first arch. Lateral line extending backwards to slightly past pelvic fin bases. Scales along lateral midline 77-91, predorsal scales 52-58. Vertebrae 58-62. Ovary single, median. Swimbladder completely lacking. Colour: iridescent blue above, silvery below. Size: to 12.5 cm (max.), usually about 10 cm; mature at 9 cm.

Habitat: oceanic, epipelagic. Food: no data. Reproduction: eggs pelagic, about 2 mm in diameter.

Distribution: from Portugal, the Azores and Madeira southwards in the tropical eastern Atlantic and in the central water masses of the Indian Ocean.

Nanichthys simulans