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Author: (Weber, 1913)

Bajacalifornia calcarata (Weber, 1913)

Diagnosis: body elongate, slender, a little compressed. Gillrakers on first arch 4-7+1+15-18=22-26. Dorsal rays 16-19; anal 13-15; pectoral 12-15; pelvic 7-9. Pyloric caeca 15-22. Vertebrae 36-39=19-23=57-60. Scale rows 55-56; scale rows to D 23-27.Colour: uniformly black.Size: to at least 380 mm SL.

Habitat: benthopelagic from about 350 to 3100 m.Food: no data. Reproduction: no data.

Distribution: two specimens collected by Merrett et al, 1991 by 49° 55.6 N 13° 26.1 W between 3180 and 3015 m depth.Elsewhere Eastern Tropical Atlantic from 350 to 1100 m, Indian Ocean from gulf of Aden to 27° S and Western Pacific.

Bajacalifornia calcarata