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Author: Miller & El-Tawil, 1974

Gobius couchi Miller & El-Tawil, 1974

Diagnosis: lateral line system with sub-orbital row d in two parts, row x1 ending anteriorly behind pore b, and pore a behind eye on course of oculoscapular canal. Nape scaled, cheek naked. Anterior nostril with triangular lappet. Pectoral free rays moderately developed. Pelvic disc rounded to truncate anterior membrane one-third to one-half length of spinous ray in midline depth, without prominent lateral lobes. Dl VI; D2 I + 13 (12-14); A I + 12 (11-13); P 16-17 (15-18). Scales in lateral series 40-41 (35-45). Vertebrae 28 (27-28). Colour: body with dark reticulation; gold flecks and mottling below midline; usually 1 (sometimes 2) dark cheek spots; geniohyoid spots present; pectoral dark mark deeper than long, with pale posterior edge; 5 lateral midline blotches below second dorsal fin. Size: to 9.0 cm.

Habitat: inshore and intertidal, under stones on sheltered muddy sand. Food: polychaetes, algae, crustaceans, bivalves. Reproduction: spring (western English Channel). Lifespan: to 6 years.

Distribution: eastern Atlantic; southern Cornwall (Helford) and Lough Ine, Co. Cork (Eire), also reported from Mulroy Bay, Co. Donegal, Eire (D. Minchin).

Couch's goby (Gobius couchi)