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Status in World Register of Marine Species

Accepted name: Psenes pellucidus Lütken, 1880

Scientific synonyms and common names

Psenes pellucidus Lütken, 1880


Psenes pellucidus Lütken, 1880, Spolia Atlantica: 516 (Straits of Surabaja). Holotype: ZMUC, no number.
Psenes edwardsii Eigenmann, 1902, Bull. U.S. Fish. Commn, 21: 35 (Atlantic Ocean south of Rhode Island). Holotype: USNM no. 49745.
Icticus ischanus Jordan & Thompson, 1914, Mem. Carnegie Mus., Pitrsburgh, 6: 242 (Okinawa). Holotype: CNHM no. 57097.
Caristioides amplipinnis Whitley, 1948, Rec. Aust Mus., Sydney, 22: 88 (Lord Howe Island).
Cubiceps ismaelensis Dieuzeide & Roland, 1955, Bull. SM. Aquic. Pêche, Castiglionc (N.S.), 7: 343-368, fig. 1-10, pl. 1 (Algeria).
Cubiceps niger Franca, 1957, Anais Jta. Invest. Ultramar, Lisboa, 12: 10, fig. 1-2 (Angola). Holotype: MEPA no. II.116.
Psenes pellucidus: Haedrich, 1967: 88, fig. 28, 30 Haedrich & Horn, 1969: 36, fig. p. 9.

Common names:


Psenes pellucidus