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Author: Strömman, 1896

Avocettina infans (Günther, 1878)

Diagnosis: body moderately long, anus well posterior to pectoral fins. Anterior nostrils tubular in unripe specimens. Upper jaw much longer than lower jaw, tip of jaws slightly expanded. Teeth small, posteriorly directed. Dorsal, caudal and anal fins confluent; dorsal fin origin near pectoral fin base, predorsal length 21-29% (mean 30) of preanal length; dorsal finrays 279-372. anal finrays 240-372. Lateral line pores 181-201. Colour: brown or black, slightly darker at maturity. Size: to 75 cm.

Habitat: oceanic, between surface and about 2,000 m. Food: probably exclusively crustaceans. Reproduction: strong sexual dimorphism; oviparous; leptocephalus larva well known (Castle, 1965, 1969).

Distribution: found in the south-western part of the area. Elsewhere, in all oceans, but almost exclusively in the northern hemisphere.

Avocet snipe-eel (Avocettina infans)