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Author: Myers & Freihoffer, 1966

Ataxolepis apus Myers & Freihoffer, 1966

Diagnosis: Dorsal and anal finrays 15-19; pelvic finrays 0. Lateralis system with 7-8 infraorbital pores. Vertebrae 46-48. Colour: dark brown. Size: to 57 mm SL.

Habitat: oceanic waters, bathypelagic to 1850 m (but no closing net captures). Food: no data. Reproduction: sex of only examined specimens (2) male (Swinney, 1991).

Distribution: rare. In the area 2 specimens recorded from south of Madeira (Swinney, 1991). Elsewhere, only 3 types from Bermuda.

Largenose fish (Ataxolepis apus)