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Author: Kolombatovi, 1894

Antonogadus megalokynodon Kolombatovi, 1894

Diagnosis: a small deepwater three-bearded rockling. Eye moderately large, greater than inter-orbital width. Gape very large, always more than half head length and reaching beyond level of orbit; anterior teeth in upper jaw fang-like. Second dorsal fin with 49-54 finrays, its origin at 34.6-36.2% of SL; anal finrays 41-46, vertebrae 43-45. Colour: back mottled deep brown, flanks reddish, belly pink. Size: to 16.5 cm SL (but exceptionally to 40 cm).

Habitat: benthic, possibly bathypelagic over soft bottoms (mud, shells or dead coral), at 140-600 m. Food: crustaceans. Reproduction: spawns in winter; eggs, larvae and post-larvae unknown.

Distribution: Mediterranean, including Adriatic and Sea of Marmora, also adjacent Atlantic off Morocco and Madeira.

Eggs, larvae and young stages. No data.
Otoliths (sagitta). No data.

Mediterranean bigeye rockling (Antonogadus megalokynodon)